Distance Learning (Correspondence)

Distance Learning

Welcome to Electricians’ Training through Distance Learning. This type of training is not new. Many colleges and other educational institutions have been offering this learning option for many years. Novel Engineering (NE) has successfully instructed electricians and others involved in the electrical field through distance learning since the early 1990s. With technological progress, delivery of education through non-traditional means, including online learning, has become increasingly popular. The instructor is only an email away or available through a variety of other modern means.



The study texts used in our programs have been carefully chosen. In addition to being suited for this type of learning, the textbooks are intended to serve as a present and future reference tool for the student/electrician. Some courses contain workbooks in addition to the main text and many contain supplemental online or other digital resources. Novel Engineering strives to keep all of its courses up to date. 


The Study Process

Student instructions are provided for each course and contain the complete course syllabus and detailed instructions on completing the course. Study texts and materials are mailed to the student. Assignments are completed by the student and mailed to NE for review and grading, or, they can be transmitted by fax or email attachment in PDF format. Corrected assignments are usually returned to the student within fourteen working days. We are evolving to online testing for some of our courses. Where applicable, the student instructions for a particular course will detail the process. This has greatly enhanced the benefit to the student, since the tests contain instructor input through notes and other instructor assistance built into the online tests/homework assignments. The student receives instant scoring and feedback after completing an online test. Not all of our courses include online testing, and some that do may have selected tests that must be taken traditionally (offline) and submitted to NE for review and grading.


There is no specified time limit for the completion of a course or module. We hope that the student will make steady progress, even if the progress is slow. Instructor assistance is available by several means. The “Ask a Question” form works well for regular mail or fax. You may email us at help@novelengineering.com or telephone us at 207-236-0032.


Students are required to take a final proctored exam for each course studied. Review the section “About the Proctored Exam” for details.


Please feel free to download or review any information from our website, www.novelengineering.com. We are continually adding documents to “Resources” on our site. School policies, course descriptions, programs of study, and other information and material can be found on the site.


We can evaluate your completed education and customize a study program that completes the education requirements for the master, journeyman, or one of the limited electrician’s licenses issued by the Maine Electricians’ Examining Board.



About the Proctored Exam

The proctored exam is a required component for the approval of our courses by the Maine Electricians’ Examining Board. The purpose of the exam is to ensure that the student has successfully met the course objectives. The proctor will administer the exam for Novel Engineering. Also, at the exam site, the proctor will verify that it is the enrolled student (and not someone else) that is sitting for the exam. Review the Proctor Selection Form for information on who may serve as a proctor.


If you are studying a single course rather than a module, you will need to take a proctored final examination when you are finished the assigned work for that course. Otherwise you will be taking a proctored exam (an exam for each course) for a group of courses in one sitting, as indicated on the program module information. If you did not select a proctor when enrolling for the course or study program, you will need to select a proctor before the final exam can be administered. A Proctor Selection Form may be downloaded from our website and either mailed, faxed, or sent as an email attachment to Novel Engineering. The proctor must be approved by Novel Engineering. If you have trouble downloading or do not have internet access, please let us know so that we can send you a form. If you have done reasonably well on the lesson assignments, you should have no trouble completing the exam within the allotted time. In the unlikely event that you should fail a proctored exam, arrangements can be made to re-test at no additional cost. Based on our records for a period of several years, a student has a better than 95% chance of passing the exam on the first attempt and completing it within the allotted time. The exams consist mainly of multiple-choice questions, but some questions may be encountered that require written answers and/or an indication of whether a statement is true or false.


At the same time that we return your last required assignment (graded) for the course or program, we will send your proctored final exam, with instructions, to the approved proctor. When you receive your last assignment, the front cover of the exam will be included in the mailing. This will show the course(s) being tested and the allotted time for the exam. Also, there is a note to advise the student that the exam has been sent to the proctor. The student should contact the proctor to schedule a mutually acceptable time and place to take the exam. All proctored exams are open-book timed exams. Any books may be used (except for the NEC® exam) along with a calculator and blank scratch paper. For the NEC® exam, only the National Electrical Code® book itself is permitted, to best simulate the actual licensing exam conditions. After we have received the completed exam from your proctor and graded the exam, we will mail you a Student Progress Report and, where applicable, a certificate of completion or transcript. The report will inform you of your exam score, your average lesson score, and of your overall course score. Also, Novel Engineering will advise you of any incorrect answers on the proctored exam, and will provide corrective information.


Re-Taking a Proctored Exam

If a student fails to score at least 60% on any proctored exam, the exam can be re-taken once. If a passing grade is still not achieved, the instructor will assign additional coursework for a fee of one-third of the course fee. A proctored exam will be administered following completion of the additional coursework.