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School Policies

Grading Policy


Assignment grades will count for two-thirds of the final course grade. The proctored exam will count for one-third of the final course grade. Students will receive a number grade, expressed as a percent, for all required assignments and the proctored exams. The final course score will be a letter grade equating to the following percentage scores:


A         93%-100%

A-        90%-92%

B+       88%-89%

B         83%-87%

B-        80%-82%

C+       78%-79%

C         73%-77%

C-        70%-72%

D+       68%-69%

D         63%-67%

D-        60%-62%

F         Less than 60% - failing grade



Refund Policy


In the event that a student is not completely satisfied with the contents of a course or program, or for some other reason wishes to terminate enrollment, the student may contact Novel Engineering – Technical Training to request a refund. A full refund, less a $50.00 administrative fee, will be given for any course or module if study materials are returned in the condition in which they were received within 30 days of enrollment. Students will be responsible for return shipping. After 30 days, refunds will be pro-rated according to the schedule below, minus the $50.00 administrative fee.


Within 90 days of enrollment                                               75% of course or module fee

After 90 days and within 6 months of enrollment                65% of course or module fee

After 6 months and within 9 months of enrollment              55% of course or module fee

After 9 months and within 1 year of enrollment                   45% of course or module fee

After 1 year from enrollment                                                Contact Novel Engineering


The pro-rated refund is contingent upon the return of study texts in the condition in which they were received. The student may elect to purchase the text(s). It is the student’s responsibility to pay for return shipping. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the study materials.


Policy for Timely Completion of Coursework


The written correspondence and online (on-demand) methods of delivering training offer a great deal of scheduling flexibility for the student. There is no specific start time or time limit for the completion of a course or module. However, the student is expected to make steady progress, even if the progress is slow-paced. By making steady progress, the student will adjust to workable study habits and maintain continuity of the subject matter being studied. We recommend that students complete a 45-hour course within six months. A student will be given “inactive” status if no assignments are submitted for a period of one year. Students may resume studies within one year of going on inactive status by contacting Novel Engineering and by submitting a $40.00 administration fee. There may be other fees assessed, such as textbook costs, if a change has been made to the program while the student was on inactive status.



Policy for Re-Taking a Proctored Exam


If a student fails to score at least 60% on any proctored exam, the exam can be re-taken once at no additional cost. If a passing grade is still not achieved, the instructor will assign additional coursework for a fee of one-third of the course fee. A proctored exam will be administered following completion of the additional coursework.


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