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Click add to cart to register for the 2020 15 Hour Code Update delivered by Correspondence. To register for the online version, please see the online delivery section

2020 15 Hour NEC Code Update

  • Novel Engineering's NEC® update by correspondence is a convenient and efficient way to familiarize yourself with the changes in the 2020 Code. It is designed to be completed in your own home or office--you set the time and the pace. After registering for the course, you'll be mailed a study text of the major Code changes. The text contains an analysis of over 100 of the most significant changes. Graphics, photographs, examples, or calculations are used to illustrate the change and to enhance learning. A Code refresher section is included with some of the changes. The text also contains application questions with answers, and key to the correct answer. The book will be a good tool for future reference. The Code book is not included in the cost.



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