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The 45-Hour, 2020 National Electrical Code® course is delivered by correspondence with an online component. The Trade Competency Tests (required assignment for each text chapter) are completed online. The online component also provides for instructor guidance, explanations, and comments. The study text is included in the cost of the course. You may also choose to include a copy of the 2020 Code book. 

2020 National Electric Code, 45 Hour Program

  • The National Electrical Code®

    Branch Circuits and Feeders

    Dwelling Load Calculations


    Conductors and Overcurrent Protection


    Wiring Methods

    Wiring Materials - Raceways and Boxes

    Wiring Materials - Switches, Switchgear, and Panelboards 

    Equipment for General Use

    Motors, Generators, A/C & Refrig, and Fire Pumps


    Renewable Energy Systems

    Special Locations