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The 45-hour 2023 NEC course is delivered by correspondence with an online component. It can be completed at your own pace at your home or office. There is no need to travel to a classroom. Testing at the end of each chapter is completed online and automatically graded (with the exception of the dwelling load calculations for Chapter 3). The online component is more than a test site. It provides instructor guidance, explanations, and comments.


The course uses an excellent, well-illustrated, authoritative text, Electrical Systems Based on the 2023 National Electrical Code. The course combines the traditional NEC I and important topics from NEC II, presenting a more complete Code course, rather than cover only Chapters 1-4 of the NEC as many courses do. This will greatly increase your chances of passing the journeyman or master licensing exam on the first attempt, as well as provide working electricians with knowledge of Code applications that may be encountered. The textbook is organized into subjects rather than Code articles. The text of the NEC itself is an important part of this course. You will need the NEC alongside the study text throughout the course.

A comprehensive study text is included in the cost of the course. We are transitioning to online texts (eBooks) that can be downloaded to most devices, without the need to be connected to the internet while completing the course. We still use some printed texts, so if you must have a printed text for some reason, let us know. If you need a copy of the 2023 NEC, you can add it to your purchase of the course.

2023 National Electric Code, 45 Hour Program

  • The National Electrical Code ®
    Branch Circuits and Feeders

    Dwelling Load Calculations
    Conductors and Overcurrent Protection
    Wiring Methods
    Wiring Materials – Raceways and Boxes
    Wiring Materials – Switches, Switchgear,
    Switchboards, and Panelboards
    Equipment for General Use
    Motors, Generators, A/C and Refrigeration,
    and Fire Pumps
    Special Locations
    Renewable Energy Systems

  • This course covers Chapters 1-4 of the NEC and other articles from Chapter 5 – Special Occupancies and Chapter 6 – Special Equipment. Details of many Code topics relevant to residential, commercial, and industrial wiring applications are studied. The course covers branch circuits, feeders, load calculations, services, grounding, wiring methods and materials, motors and transformers,
    hazardous locations, and other special occupancies and equipment. An optional course component covers many Code articles related to renewable energy systems. Course coverage may be modified
    for students seeking a limited electrician’s license. The course serves as a preparation for passing the electrician’s license exam. It is appropriate for electricians and electrical engineers.

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